Lets Get Down to Business.

Rolleiflex 2.8E - Ektar 100

Rolleiflex 2.8E - Ektar 100


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Since we opened we've received a very friendly reception.  Can you believe that was just September?  You trusted us with your work and the reaction has been great!  Lots of our clients are enjoying the easy communication and feedback, which is great because we love to help shooters get the most out of film, from aesthetics to workflow.

We need to keep growing!

We are still quite far from achieving lab capacity.  That means that there are a lot of slots available for Pro Scan clients.  This is why I'm introducing another incentive to join up with Northeast and get rewarded for spreading the good word while you're at it.

Lets go over the loyalty program again

I'm really excited about the loyalty program, and here's why.  It's pretty much an open secret in the industry that when it comes to labs, not everyone is paying the same rate.  Bigger labs try to attract certain well known clients by offering them preferred rates.  The assumption being that these well known shooters will spread the word about the lab they use, generating interest.  While I understand the reasoning, it's not exactly fair.

What if preferred rates were available to all?

We operate on an alternative principal.  If you invest in Northeast Photographic, we reward you with a preferred rate that keeps getting better.  We actually recently simplified it too!  Shoot 20 rolls in a year, get 1 dollar off each roll going forward.  Get to 40 rolls, 2 dollars off.  At 60 rolls you reach tier 3, and get 3 dollars off each roll.  That means you'd be getting C41 Pro Scans at 15 dollars per roll!  Plus we don't nickel and dime you when it comes to format and scan resolution.  Why do we do this? First because we believe film should be affordable to those who want to shoot it professionally.  Second, if you're reaching preferred rate tiers it means you're keeping film alive, and the lab is growing.  Everybody wins.

Introducing the Referral Program!

You might already be a Pro Scan client, and already got the 50% off your first order deal.  You may also have achieved tier 1 or 2 of the loyalty program.  If so, thanks!  That means you're a prolific film shooter and that's great.  Well now we're introducing a new way to get a steep discount.  All you have to do is tell a friend!  If you refer a friend to our Pro Scan program, they get the standard 50% off deal, and you get 25% off your next order!  When they send in their first order indicating you as the referrer, we'll note that you have a discount coming your way.  Easy!  And again, everybody wins.

Some Housekeeping...

I just want to note that the lab is currently fulfilling orders within 5 business days or less.  The last batch of Simple Scans went out in just 3 days! 

Also, Northeast Photographic donated film processing to the annual Disposable Exposure show.   Get the low down here!

Beta Notes!

Our Beta is a real thing, here are some workflow changes we've made!

  1. Scans are now sorted into separated files by roll.
  2. Uncut rolls are now available.
  3. Slight price decrease on 4x5 E6 Dev only.
  4. Simplification of Loyalty Program.
  5. Referral Program introduction.
  6. New header image on the main page!
  7. Mini order form for local drop off!
  8. Pro Scan order form now available in public link.