Introducing Our New Order Entry System!

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Hello Film Shooters!

I have been thrilled to see so many of you take advantage of our current order entry system.  Going order form free made things a little simpler for a lot of you, and it was an easy way for me to track and accept orders!  

However, the system as it currently stands has limitations.  There is no easy auto emailing system for film arrival, no standardized messages containing dropbox links, and most importantly, no perks program!

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Well, after a fair amount of work and some early testing, I am happy to announce our new order entry site!  It looks a lot better, and it works a lot better.   

You'll notice a more streamlined system of entering film rolls, process and scanning modifiers, and new options at check out.  You can now instantly pay for return shipping should you want your film returned as soon as the order is fulfilled, or opt for film storage.  There is also an option to have your film sent to The Film Hound! (More on that later).

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What you will probably be MOST excited about, is the new perks program.  Early NP customers may remmeber that I had a program for Pro Scans that was tierd, and allowed you to get better rates for a calandar year.  That was pretty popular, but it was all manually done and essentially worked out of a spreadsheet.  Way too much for me to handle now, and it left out my Simple Scan customers.   

Well I am now stoked to announce a simplifed perks program that even works for Simple Scans!  It's completely automatic, and can potentially save you a ton of money (that I just know you're going to spend on film).   

Here's how it works: 

Spend $10 - get one point. 

Accumulate 30 points - get a 25% off coupon. 

Woooooo that's all! 

For Simple Scan customers this will be a nice occasional perk that I hope you will see as a big thank you from NP for supporting us.  For my Pro Scan wedding clients, you could potentially get this coupon code after every wedding you submit, substantially reducing your yearly lab bill.  You don't have to be an Instagram Influencer to get preferred rates here!  You just have to love film, and support what we do.   

This online store is still brand new, so you can consider it in Beta to some extent.  There may be a few hiccups to work out, but one thing you can expect form us is continual improvments and innovation.  There is still a lot to announce this year regarding new services, so stay tuned.  *Caugh* Prints *Caugh*  

We'll talk more about it on the pod!