New large file option for Simple Scans!


We are happy to introduce a minor change to our order form and services, with the option to upgrade your scan size! As you may know we designed the scan options around simplicity, and avoided the nickel and dime practice of charging for file size alone.  However, if you're a Simple Scan customer you may still want a bigger file, but not want to outsource your editing. Now you can just check the "Biggah Scans" box. When you do that, we will scan your rolls at the resolution generally reserved for Pro Scans.  Going up in resolution on the Fuji Frontier does more than just increase pixel count, you get a cleaner image generally.  35mm benefits the most from this resolution, and you'll really see that format bridge the gap between it and 645. You will have to pay an additional $3 dollars per roll for this service, but that's still much cheaper than Pro Scans themselves. If you want this option for some, but not all rolls on an order, just make a note of that on the order form.