Do's and Don't of Mailing in your Film

For many of us, having to mail your film is a new and risky-seeming experience.  But there are a few ways to minimize your worries by following these best practices.

  • Do trust the postal service.  Lost packages are exceedingly rare, and our package acceptance system is completely risk free!  
  • Don't use a shipping service that can't be tracked.  
  • Do take advantage of USPS flat rate boxes.  
  • Don't pack your film in a bag, envelope, or bubble style mailer.  Some sorting facilities use rollers and they will literally pop out rolls of film.
  • Do seal your film in a ziplock to guard against any form of water damage.
  • Don't pack your box with too much empty space, this can lead to the box getting crushed and developing a hole.  Stuff it with grocery bags or newspaper.  
  • And finally Do clearly label your package with a return address, and include a completed order form inside so that we can follow your instructions and get in touch with you if need be.

We haven't had a client experience a package loss yet, and if you follow these guidelines you can be as sure as possible that your film will arrive safely.  

If you're in Maine, contact us to set up a drop off!