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How does this work?

  1. Head over to our online order entry store. Tell us what you’re sending in, and what services you want.

  2. Mail in your film. No need to print out an invoice, just clearly mark your package with your name, and order number. Once received you will get an email confirmation that your film is in queue.

  3. Your film is processed and/or scanned according to your instructions. Roll film is sleeved un-cut, and placed in a small box to await return shipping.*

  4. When your scans are uploaded, you will receive a dropbox link that contains your scans!

    *We no longer store film, and we do not offer cutting and sleeving service. However you can still have your film shipped to The Film Hound for archiving.

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The rewards system is automatic, and you must use our online order entry portal to take advantage of it. Points go out when your order is marked complete and you receive your scans. We hope you’ll see this as our way of saying thank you for all your support!

Rolleiflex 2.8E Planar - Catlabs X Film

Rolleiflex 2.8E Planar - Catlabs X Film

Nikon F6 - 50mm 1.4G - Kodak Portra 400NC

Nikon F6 - 50mm 1.4G - Kodak Portra 400NC

Rollei 2.8E Planar - Ilford Delta 400

Rollei 2.8E Planar - Ilford Delta 400

We Support Open Borders

Full frame is a bit more full here at NP. The the art of the filed out negative carrier, long practiced by generations of darkroom rats is one of the charms of analog photography. From Henri Cartier Bresson’s portfolio of street photography to the fashion editorials in the publications of today, you often see the ‘film edge’ beyond the frame exposed by your camera.

It is how I used to print in the darkroom, and it is how I prefer my photographs to be presented. So, with a custom made mask for the Fuji Frontier we can now scan with full border information, producing a lovely black edge and slightly rough border. We love it, and we hope you will too!

Nikon F6 - 35mm F2D - Kodak Ektachrome E100

Nikon F6 - 35mm F2D - Kodak Ektachrome E100

We can now do bordered scans of:

  1. C41: 35mm & 4x5

  2. B&W: All formats.

  3. E6: All formats.

Unfortunately we do not have a full frame 120 carrier for the Frontier, because it is still in development. As soon as it is available, we will offer that service.

Because of the need to use different scanners for E6 and 120 B&W, these films have a solid, smooth border. Only the Frontier produces the rough border in example above. We leave you with enough wiggle room in cropping to set the crop to your preference

The Film Hound

In an effort to further improve your workflow, and free up your time, we have partnered with The Film Hound. TFH is a fantastic service that handles all the sleeving and archiving of your precious originals. Our partnership means that we don’t charge you shipping when you select The Film Hound during checkout. Once they receive your order(s), they will cut and sleeve your film in archival Print File pages. When you request your film returned it will come in an archival binder. Perfect for getting ahead of the very important, but often neglected, task of organizing your film as time goes on.

Read about their process and prices here:

Our C41 & Monochrome Process

Each roll is processed in a computer controlled processor, and each development run uses completely fresh developer "one-shot" to ensure perfect density.  

  • For C41, we only use original Kodak Flexicolor chemistry, which ensures the highest quality and archivality.

  • B&W film is typically processed in Kodak D-76, which has been a gold standard for decades. Your film will be run in an automatic rotary processor, which includes a Perma-Wash stage to ensure archival longevity. We typically use Heico Permawash, and Ilford Wetting Agent. Custom developers are available upon request! We also love Rodinal, DD-X, and Ilfosol 3.

Pro & Simple scans are made exclusively on the industry favorite Fuji Frontier SP-3000.  Chromogenic based films benefit from the Frontier's famous color reproduction, and digital ICE that eliminates dust and scratches.  

Pro Scans are scanned at the Fuji Frontier's highest possible resolution, with customizable corrections beginning at the scan level, and finishing to your specific preference applied in post. Monochrome and E6 pro scans are dusted to 60%.

Simple Scans are done at a slightly reduced resolution, and have only in-scanner corrections for density and color balance.  You may order Simple Scans from B&W film, but they are un-dusted in post.  All film is cleaned prior to scanning, but some dust is possible. You also have the option of upgrade the scan size to the pro resolution.

What resolution you say?


135: 3647x5444 - Aprx 19 megapixels

645:  3647x4847 - Aprx 17 megapixels

6x6 / 6x7: 3636x3635 / 3647x4547 - Aprx 13 / 16 megapixels


135:  3047x4547 - Aprx 13 megapixels

645:  3047x4046 - Aprx 12 megapixels

6x6 / 6x7: 3035x3035 / 3047x3794 - Aprx 9 / 11 megapixels

All of the above are printable at 300 DPI.


We deliver only the best from E6 films

Leica M4 - Zeiss 28/2.8 Biogon - Fujifilm Velvia 100

Leica M4 - Zeiss 28/2.8 Biogon - Fujifilm Velvia 100

There is nothing like well exposed chrome. Intense colors, deep blacks, and the finest grain available in a color emulsion.  Sadly E6 process films have been largely ignored for a few years due to the growing quality and versatility of C41.  We hope to change that to some extent.  Our E6 film is still run through our computer controlled rotary processor with "one shot" chemistry to ensure perfection in development.   

Our scans are some of the best in the industry due to new innovations in film capture technology. Older lab scanners such as the Fuji Frontier or Noritsu are amazing for negative films, but simple do not have the DMax for chromes. This is why you’ll often see dulled colors, and a high amount of shadow or pixel level noise in your scans from other labs. The best way to view a chrome is on a light table, and our scanning process reflects this. We use a high resolution camera to capture each frame against a Rosco light source. This results in a scan that is true to the original color and contrast of the film, and captures detail down to the grain. 16x20 or even 24x30” prints are no problem for these files, even from 35mm.

You will be addicted to Ektachrome once you see these images.

Introducing the 4x5 Simple Scan

We have finally perfected our scanning process for 4x5 film. This is a service that actually makes sense for large format shooters working today. Using the same technology that allows us to scan full borders with B&W film, and produce the best E6 full roll scans in the business, we are able to capture a full format 4x5 sheet that prints easily to 20x25” (that’s huge!). If you’re out shooting a box of 4x5 film, you don’t know which image is necessarily a keeper and which isn’t. It makes no sense to send off your film for high priced scans of every frame, when you’re simple accumulating first round edits. Using our 4x5 Simple Scans, you can shoot freely and get scans that don’t break the bank, yet remain fully printable, and have significant dynamic range for post production edits.

4x5 scans are a little different from our roll film options. We only offer this service in “Simple Scan” form. This means that we only do ‘pre-scan’ film cleaning to avoid dust, and basic color correction. You may wish to do more finishing work in your image editor of choice. Considering that we are offering these files only in a single, native scanner resolution, we feel that a ‘Pro Scan’ option would not offer a significant advantage to most large format shooters.

C41 conversions are always tricky, and even advanced software packages like Flexcolor (for Imacon/Hasselblad) scanners only do a basically mediocre job. However our conversions are actually based on the same color science that makes the Fuji Frontier scans look so good. It’s basically Frontier color from a 4x5 sheet. You’re going to want more Portra like yesterday.

We feel comfortable saying that you may not ever even need a better scan than our 4x5 Simple Scans, they are that good.

4x5 Scans-018-2-2.jpg
4x5 Scans-028.jpg

Other labs let me order "Small, Medium, Large, or XL" resolution

We want to simplify options. Reducing resolution in the scanner only benefits the lab by speeding things up, allowing for greater production capacity.  We deliver what other labs call "large" for simple scans, and XL for Pro Scans, without price gouging.  In the end you get a better product for the same or less money.  We're happy to scan at a lower resolution, but we can't lower the price of scans unfortunately.

TL/DR: No price gouging on scan size at Northeast Photographic.

Do you make prints?

Coming soon! Our Epson large format printer is currently undergoing installation, stay tuned!