the process

I've sent in film, what's next?

  1. We receive your film and you are emailed an invoice.
  2. Once the invoice is cleared, your film is placed in the queue for development and scanning.
  3. When your order if finished to your specifications, your scans are delivered via Dropbox.
  4. Your film is cut, sleeved, and stored. You can also have your film returned immediately, but it's more economical for you to wait until you've built up a few orders.

Our turn around time for most orders is 4-5 business days, starting as soon as your invoice is paid.  Very large orders of more than 30 rolls can take a bit longer.

Our C41 & Monochrome Process

Each roll is processed in a computer controlled rotary tank, and each development run uses completely fresh developer "one-shot" to ensure perfect density.  

  • For C41, we only use original Kodak Flexicolor chemistry, which ensures the highest quality and archivality.  
  • Each B&W emulsion is unique, and we don't believe in using a one-size-fits-all developer. We pair specific films with specific developers so you get optimum results. For traditional grained films such as Tri-X or HP5, we use Kodak XTol.  For T-Grain films such as Delta 3200 or TMAX, we use Ilford DDX. Films slower than ISO 200 are generally processed in Ilfosol 3.  The remainder of the chemical steps are done in Ilford chemistry, and include Ilford Rapid Fixer, Ilford Wash Aid for maximum archivality, and Ilfotol wetting agent to eliminate water marks. Ilford is the leader in the monochrome process and that's why we've chosen to adopt their chemistry wherever possible.

Pro & Simple scans are made exclusively on the industry favorite Fuji Frontier SP-3000.  Chromogenic based films benefit from the Frontier's famous color reproduction, and digital ICE that eliminates dust and scratches.  

Pro Scans are scanned at the Fuji Frontier's highest possible resolution, with customizable corrections beginning at the scan level, and finishing to your specific preference applied in post.  

Simple Scans are done at a slightly reduced resolution, and have only in-scanner corrections for density and color balance.  You may order Simple Scans from B&W film, but they are un-dusted in post.  All film is cleaned prior to scanning, but some dust is possible.

What resolution you say?


135: 3647x5444 - Aprx 19 megapixels

645:  3647x4847 - Aprx 17 megapixels

6x6 / 6x7: 3636x3635 / 3647x4547 - Aprx 13 / 16 megapixels


135:  3047x4547 - Aprx 13 megapixels

645:  3047x4046 - Aprx 12 megapixels

6x6 / 6x7: 3035x3035 / 3047x3794 - Aprx 9 / 11 megapixels

All of the above are printable at 300 DPI.


We LOVE E6 Chromes

 Leica M4 - Zeiss 28/2.8 Biogon - Fujifilm Velvia 100

Leica M4 - Zeiss 28/2.8 Biogon - Fujifilm Velvia 100

There is nothing like well exposed chrome. Intense colors, deep blacks, and the finest grain available in a color emulsion.  Sadly E6 process films have been largely ignored for a few years due to the growing quality and versatility of C41.  We hope to change that to some extent.  Our E6 film is still run through our computer controlled rotary processor with "one shot" chemistry to ensure perfection in development.   Pixel resolution & Pro/Simple adjustments are otherwise the same as C41.  Take some fresh E6 film on your next trip, you won't regret it.

Exhibition Scans

We are currently in the process of refining our exhibition scan process and acquiring an Imacon scanner to ensure the highest possible quality for our users.  Thank you for your patience while this area of our services is overhauled.

Other labs let me order "Small, Medium, Large, or XL" resolution

We want to simplify options. Reducing resolution in the scanner only benefits the lab by speeding things up, allowing for greater production capacity.  We deliver what other labs call "large" for simple scans, and XL for Pro Scans, without price gouging.  In the end you get a better product for the same or less money.  We're happy to scan at a lower resolution, but we can't lower the price of scans unfortunately.

TL/DR: No price gouging on scan size at Northeast Photographic.

Do you make prints?

Yes!  But our print lab is currently in beta and not accepting online orders.  Feel free to message us to set up a consultation regarding paper stocks and sizing.

What is Tone on the order form?

It is just the way the scanner outputs your contrast range.  It's a subtle change, but it's there.  If you know in advance that you want a snappy or soft look, this allows you to tell us to scan with that in mind.  Feel free to leave it blank if you want to leave it up to the scanner operator.  

 All Soft - S

All Soft - S

 Neutral - N

Neutral - N

 All Hard - H

All Hard - H