a film scanning laboratory.



Northeast Photographic is a full service photochemical film lab.

Our services are based around the develop and scan hybrid workflow.  We use state of the art film processing equipment and industry favorite scanners to help you bridge the gap between the beauty of analog, and the convenience of digital.

Why use Northeast?  We are a small lab, and that's a good thing.  Our Pro Scan clients get direct access to their scanning tech, and an ongoing process of aesthetic development that is easier to maintain because of fewer layers of communication.  What's more, we have incredibly low overhead, and are therefore able to beat the big labs on price, while delivering what is often a higher standard of quality and customization.

*Cover Photo by Gabe Rueben on Kodak Ektar 100

Northeast Photographic

47 Junction Road

Westport Island, ME


Office Hours: 9am-5pm EST

The best way to reach us is via email or direct messaging on Instagram. If you wish to schedule a call, please send us a message and we’ll set up a time.


Seth Gaffar - Superia 800

Seth Gaffar - Superia 800

Color Services

  • Pro Scan C-41 135/120 -$18

  • Pro Scan E6 135/120 - $25

  • Simple Scan C41 - $10.00 (+$3.00 for higher res upgrade)

  • Simple Scan E6 - $18.00

  • Process film only - C41 - $6 / E6 - $12

  • Scan developed film only - C41/E6 $8.00*

Push/Pull +$1 per stop

220 is +45%

            *+$2.00 for cut rolls. Individual frames are $5.

Tiff delivery is 1.5x list price.






  • Pro Scan Monochrome - $20

  • Simple Scan Monochrome - $15.00 ( (+$3.00 for higher res upgrade)

  • Process or Scan only - $8*

  • Push/Pull +$1 per stop

  • Borders are +$5 per roll for both Pro and Simple Scans.

220 is +45%

**+$2.00 for cut rolls. Individual frames are $5.

Tiff delivery is 1.5x list price.

Large Format & Exhibition Scanning

  • 4x5 C41 Simple Scan - $10/ sheet

  • 4x5 C41 Process Only - $5 / sheet

  • 4x5 B&W Simple Scan - $10/ sheet

  • 4x5 B&W Process Only - $6/ sheet

  • 4x5 E6 Simple Scan - $12/ sheet

  • 4x5 E6 Process Only - $8 /sheet




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